The Presence of Life


No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you’ve created, no matter what you’ve destroyed, no matter why you feel pain, no matter why you feel pleasure, no matter who loves you, no matter who doesn’t...

The beauty of nature offers herself
without holding anything back,
just to remind you how loved you really are.

She doesn’t care who hired you, who hurt you, who validated you, how you show up, who you disappointed, what you look like, or anything that you do. She does not discriminate between “good” people and “bad people”, “rich people” and “poor people”, “spiritual people” and “asleep people”, “positive people” and “negative people”. She does not discriminate against the ones you might think are so unworthy of love. She doesn’t give AF about the things that we judge.

The only thing she requires is attention.

Treasure this gift.
This is unconditional love.
The presence of life.
And no matter who you are it’s always yours.
Just give it your attention.


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