Tell Me SisteR

Do you ever ache to feel loved by the most devoted soul mate, the one who sees you, feels you, desires you, treasures you, ravishes you, grounds you, melts you all the way into your feminine self?

Do you ever long to activate your real gifts, the ones that truly make a difference, to create something electric that has never been done before, to profoundly change the lives of others, and to feel like you are living your full purpose?

Do you ever crave a breath above water, reprieve from life’s intensity, a deeper understanding of your own suffering, a clearer knowing and stronger connection to truth and an unshakeable trust in the unpredictable orchestration of life?

Do you ever yearn to go deeper, to access new levels and layers within yourself that you have yet to meet, to feel a greater sense of why you are here and what life is all about?

Do you ever compromise these desires for shortcuts and shortcomings, experiences, offers, connections that dishonor your depth, love, dreams, and worth out of self judgement, self doubt, insecurity, unworthiness or self sabotage to feel safe?

Do you ever find yourself jealous, resentful, victimized, indifferent, resigned, hardened, desperate, insecure, needy, greedy, doubtful, and fearful, around love, friendships, family, finances, career, dreams, and the overall possibilities for yourself and your life?

Do you ever wonder why and how you return to the same repetitive patterns, again and again, fail to receive the lessons, fall into the same trappings, no matter how “enlightened” you may be and how many books you’ve read and courses you’ve done?

Have you ever stopped to consider, that perhaps the key to your love, your purpose, your fulfillment, your belonging, and your growth, lives in the darkest spaces that you have yet to receive?

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret invitation hiding within your struggle, ready and waiting for you to open the door to more than you ever imagined yourself to be?