Your Soul KNows the Way

Within each of us lives a voice of truth, love, and inspiration that just knows. Beyond any fear, doubt, or conditioning, this voice can never be broken, tarnished, or tainted. It emanates from the light of the soul. Trusting and receiving our own irrationally beautiful soul as she plays through this wildly wise human body, is the true Divine Union, the true Heaven on Earth, and why we are here.

No matter how deeply we may have ached for something beyond us, or struggled to embrace something within us, each of us in our whole messy perfectly divine human glory, are the true beloved, the source of our deepest desire, and our only way home. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the living breathing miraculous reminders of the magic our world has forgotten. Remember why you came here, trust the voice of your soul, and be the unique force of love that brings our world back to Life.