Whole Woman

Embrace Your Shadow - Embody Your Light
Reclaim Your Queendom in Love

A Nine Module Online Women’s Self Love Immersion
October 11th to December 14, 2019


A Woman is Everything.

Everything you have ever yearned for lives inside of you. Everything you have ever ached for, pined for, and felt devastatingly separate from. Everything. Hidden deep in the darkest spaces that carry your greatest fears, your heaviest resentments, and your most heart breaking disappointments, live the very jewels that guarantee your highest blossoming and absolute fulfillment.

Every woman is a brilliant flower sourcing through her roots into the black fertile soil of source.

And yet… so many women are afraid to look there. Afraid to dive into the very chalice of gold they’ve been gifted. Afraid that if they allowed themselves to be the whole range of life that pulses through them, they’d be rejected, denied, shamed, ostracized, or even destroyed.

Meanwhile the force of our unstoppable evolution continues to shake the surface of our reality until we finally stop running and start facing all of ourselves.



Woman… This is Your power.

For generations women have been conditioned to believe that when they express their truth they are overly emotional, crazy, inappropriate, bitchy, and overall “TOO MUCH.” Many of us react to this “too much” shame by holding back, and by consequence we end up also holding back our tremendous capacity to love. When we can no longer tolerate this separation from our naturalness, we may explode and find ourselves in “too much” territory all over again. The cycle continues and meanwhile what is forgotten is love.

The problem is that because we fear our own power, by product of our conditioning and also inherited through our ancestral DNA, we either repress it or we dump it out onto others. Either way, we miss out on the tremendous potential that this magnificent force of sheer raw life wants to offer us. Frankly, no matter how “evolved” or “spiritual” or “intelligent” we may be, if we are not totally claiming the many contradictory facets of our own wholeness, we will continue to play out karmic and ancestral patterns of low self worth: judging how we feel, pretending to be smaller than we are, settling for less than we deserve, doubting our greatest dreams, failing to fulfill our highest potential, and on and on.

What so many of us have forgotten is that our “too-muchness” is not a problem to resolve nor someone else’s responsibility to caretake, it is actually our own un-embraced power. It is the very force of life that animates us into being and that came here with an important mission: to love more than love has ever been offered ever before, in our own uniquely exquisite way. Woman… it is never a question of whether you are “too much” or “not enough” and always a matter of how courageously you have embraced the wildly dynamic facets of your whole self.

The medicine comes when we decide to become the midwives of our own souls by welcoming every single part of ourselves that we ever shamed, gave away, made another responsible for, dissociated from, felt guilty for, feared, judged, or repressed, back home to love.

When we radically choose to receive ourselves, rather than shove down or dump out, we reclaim this inherent power within us and alchemize what we once feared into our greatest gifts. We no longer desire to hide away or project out our own shadows because we realize that they contain the fragments of our gold. We recollect each and every source of pain and fear as our precious gems necessary to recreate the radiant Queendoms that are our birthright.

This is how we change the pattern.
This is how we bring forth a New World.
This is the way of the Whole Woman.



Welcome to Whole Woman

This is your invitation to courageously rise in love with the dynamic radiant beauty that you have always been. To RECEIVE your whole self, as the endlessly wild expression of nature, as the Goddess herself, and to fully reside in your power as the Whole Woman who knows every single part of herself as Love.

Whole Woman is not for the half-hearted. It is for the devotionally passionate who may have been around the self-growth block about 100 times. It’s for the women who are excited to do the work that actually works. It’s for the women who more than anything desire to heal and to discover the freedom that can only come to the one who has realized and reclaimed her whole sovereign self.

Consider this a complete reprogramming of anything that ever kept you separate from the truth of who you really are.

Whole Woman is for you If…

You want to authentically LOVE yourself at a very, very deep level.

You have ever wondered if you are “too much” or “not enough.”

You are tired of attracting the same relationships, challenges, and patterns into your life over and over again, no matter how many books you read or how much “self work” you do.

You are ready to transform ALL of your relationships through embracing your own shadows and no longer projecting them out onto others.

You want to feel truly empowered at a core level.

You would love to free yourself from worrying about what other people think of you by accessing a depth of genuine self acceptance beyond what you’ve ever experienced before.

You want to feel safe, relaxed, present, and at home in your body, your sexuality, your self expression, your life choices, your relationships, and in your work in the world.

You’re ready to learn your BOUNDARIES, to know and own your YES and your NO, and to free yourself from making decisions out of guilt, shame, self sacrifice, and people pleasing.

Your deepest desire is to truly come home to your essence, to know your greatness, to accept your purpose in life, and to live as fully, freely, and open heartedly as you so deserve.

You want to be an embodied permission slip for others to live as love.



How It Works

Together, over the course of nine weeks, we open a divine doorway deep into our psyches, our bodies, our emotions, our faith, our fear, our past, our present, and our future. We go way deeper than the mind. We journey into the soma, the DNA, and the energetics that weave our collective unconscious, where real, lasting change actually takes place.

We will explore our deepest selves on three core levels…

Collective Feminine Myths

Where have we come from and how did we get here? As women there are many myths woven into the stories we’ve been told from the time we were children that shape the way we relate to ourselves, our bodies, one another, and our world. Some are obvious. Some are extremely subtle and sneaky. By bringing our awareness into the stories that have confused us away from our true innocent wildness, we gift ourselves the ability to choose what feels true now.

Personal/Ancestral Stories

Individually we each carry raw material for transformation passed into us through our DNA. The herstory of our ancestors, what we encountered in the womb, and our lifetime experiences, exist within us on a cellular level. They offer a profound opportunity to discover what we really came here to learn, heal, and share with the world in this lifetime. The key is in remembering that our greatest challenges and wounds are actually our gateways into our greatest gifts for ourselves and the world.

Wisdom of the Goddesses

As we navigate the at times murky terrain of our subconscious and unconscious selves, we shine light in these dark spaces with the wisdom of our Goddess selves. This is the aspect of our consciousness that remembers us as Divine. Light. Perfection. This truth does not take away the beauty of our Humanity, rather, it enhances it. In the light of unconditional love we see the sacredness of our journey and embrace our challenges with less drama and more purposeful trust.

Our Sacred Journey

On on our nine week journey will meet face to face with the nine key archetypes that live within every woman, to activate and awaken their superpowers, heal our own fractures, and weave ourselves into fuller expressions of our true selves. Consider each of these archetypes a divine doorway into your deepest wisdom and most profound healing.


Week One: The body

Goddess Guides: Lilith, Oshun, Shakti

* Get to know your body as your most powerful ally and gateway into pleasure and presence *

* Develop an intimacy and a dialogue with your body, to receive and de-code the messages that come through pain, illness, injury, and chronic conditions *

* Reclaim the magic of your moon blood and remember the ancient rituals of your shamanic ancestors in honoring menstruation cycles *

* Unravel body shame stories, embrace the beauty of your physicality, your breasts, your sexual organs, and heal beliefs about being too-fat and too-thin *

* More deeply enjoy being human and alive *


Week Two: The daughter

Goddess Guides: Persephone, Artemis

* Re-awaken the magic of your inner child as the sacred guardian of your dreams, fantasies, and innocent joy *

* Heal through the memories and stories of your childhood that shaped your adult perceptions around what’s appropriate and possible *

* Uncover your potential sabotage strategies created to help you feel safe, received, loved and “good enough” *

* Embrace the TRUE virgin, a woman whole unto herself, and the purity that can never ever be lost to anyone or anything *


Week Three: The Sister

Goddess Guides: Erishkigal, Sappho

* Look into the mirrors of other women as pathways to understanding your own insecurities, fears, and desires *

* Give yourself more permission to celebrate who you are through learning to celebrate your sisters for who they are - especially the ones who trigger jealousy! *

* Heal the “mean girl” wounds of childhood through nurturing any parts of you that feel “different,” “other,” “weird,” and “not good enough” *

* Take ownership of your boundaries to authentically relate with other women and open your heart to genuine friendships and community *


Week Four: The Lover

Goddess Guides: Parvati, Radha, Aphrodite

* Get to know your “attraction sphere” and what determines who you seem to attract into your life at any given time *

* Embrace the mirror that is always offered by your lovers to show you what has yet to be fully seen and loved within yourself *

* Honor your worthiness and take radical self responsibility to safely allow your innocent light to blossom open into love *

* Romance yourself as the beloved and imprint your cells with the memory of how you deserve to be treated and touched *

* Hold yourself in TRUE LOVE as a Presence that never ever leaves *


Week Five: The mother Warrior

Goddess Guides: Mother Mary, Pachamama, Durga, Demeter, Yemanja

* Get to know your voice of discernment, by deeply understanding what YES and NO feel like in your body and anchoring the devotion to listen *

* Trust in the power of your emotions and allow the energy of anger, sadness, fear, joy, and excitement, to be your greatest transformers and allies *

* Mother your creations by managing your life force energy, and knowing when to initiate, when to rest, when to sustain, and when to release *

* Mother yourself through cultivating deep self presence and attunement *


Week Six: The Queen

Goddess Guides: Lakshmi, Rhiannon, Innana

* Magnetize abundance and prosperity into your life by getting to know your own Dharma and trusting it *

* Enhance your sense of self worth and be radically honest about the ways you’ve given yourself away *

* Unravel your money story and heal your judgements and limiting beliefs around wealth and what it takes to thrive materially *

* Practice true feminine leadership, by aligning with the flow of life and the love that wants to blossom through you *

* Hold yourself in the highest light of what you most deserve *

* Get honest with your relationship with receptivity, and learn to allow greater pleasure into your life *


Week Seven: The Priestess

Goddess Guides: Enheduanna, Amaterasu, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Medusa, Quan Yin, Isis

* Dive into the great mysteries of tantra, Mary Magdalene, and sacred womb wisdom as portals to creating Heaven on Earth *

* Reclaim your right to treasure your body with sacredness, to treat your relationships with sacredness, to live life in sacredness *

* Learn how to weave back into harmony your sexual energy with your heart energy, and to realize the innocence of your sensual expressions and desires *

* Realize the greatest potential of your sexual relationships as gateways to your deepest healing and growth *


Week Eight: The Wise Woman Witch

Goddess Guides: Hecate, Kali, Dhumavati, Shiela Na Gig, Baba Yaga, Cerridwen

* Access a clear connection with your intuition and the ability to assess what’s for your highest good *

* Reclaim the power of ceremony and your ability to be a creator of your reality through healing, clearing, releasing, and manifesting on the Soul plane *

* Face your fears around aging, death, and no longer being youthful and vibrant to embrace deterioration as an essential aspect of the cycle of life *

* Become a true midwife for your own deaths and rebirths, by allowing your own endings and trusting in the great void of the unknown *


Week Nine: The Soul

Goddess Guides: Mahamaya, Eurynome, Tara, The Cosmic Egg, Sophia, Brigid, Hestia

* Cultivate a deeper connection and presence with your own inner light *

* Tap into the spaciousness of Bliss and your ability to exist beyond suffering *

* Re-member the light of Divinity that has never left you, can never leave you, and is always available with devoted presence *

* Deepen your relationship with the etheric realms, with your spirit guides, with energies that exist beyond physical space and place *

*INTIMATELY get to know the voice of your own soul, as the true Beloved who is always always here to support, love, hold and guide you *

What’s Included

Weekly audio lessons filled with crack your mind and heart wide open wisdom. Includes deep reflections on women’s mysteries hidden within fairytales, mythology from all different religions, and my personal stories and insights through my own self reflections.

Daily contemplations and embodiment practices delivered to you by email to give you real, grounded, practical gateways for taking this wisdom into your daily life. Examples include dance meditations, journaling prompts, mirror work, ceremonies, shamanic rituals, and many magical surprises.

Weekly meditations and vision quests for accessing your subconscious mind and opening into higher states of knowing and awareness. Healing happens not only through cognitive understanding, it also happens on the cellular and energetic level. These practices support you in shifting energy that brings so much more ease and clarity into your experience, beyond the mind.

Weekly Goddess archetypes for your mentorship journey. Guided practices and tools for working with different Divine Feminine archetypes who deeply embody our weekly themes. Examples include Durga Ma the fierce warrior protectress, Inanna the Queen of the Underworld, Mary Magdalene the True Human Being, Sara la Kali the Queen of the Outsiders, and many many more!

Unlimited access to our private Facebook community with other women exploring these same deep spaces within themselves. The ability to connect and be seen by others who understand, let your challenges and triumphs be heard and celebrated, and receive compassionate feedback when you need it. Community is everything.

Weekly Women’s Wisdom Group Circle Calls. Every week we gather for a live call where we amplify the energy of our individual healing, share in sacred ceremony, and you can ask questions and offer YOUR deep profound healing insights.


About Your Guide

Aloha beautiful, my name is Camille. Like you, I’m a human being, a body of flesh, a daughter of this Earth, a sister to many, a lover of this life, a mother of creations, a Queen of my own domain, a priestess of a new World, a woman of wisdom, and a special unique Soul.

I am also a whole bundle of shadows carrying any label you could imagine from “attention whore” to “daddy issues” to “that crazy girl” and on. Though on my unique path of self love I have come to treasure each and every one of these reactions to my wounding as gateways guiding me deeper to my own source. I have genuinely come to cherish my wounds as my most sacred allies. They are truly the source of all of my creations and the power of my authentic love. I am oh-so-far from perfect, but I can say that the more I receive my whole self on this path, the less perfection seems to matter and the more love seems to reign.

For years I’ve worked with women intimately through my soul retreats and online transformation courses. Among many other titles I’m also a certified yoga teacher, dance meditation facilitator, rebirthing breathwork facilitator, lomi lomi therapist, reiki healer, and I’ve explored myriad paths of self study including The Gene Keys, women’s mystery schools, priestess arts, women’s circles, cacao ceremony, tantra, healing with the Goddess, childhood deconditioning, and more than I can name here.

After surviving a very dark night of my own soul in 2018, Whole Woman is the flowering of my deep understanding of how we embody our lotus essence, with roots deep in the mud and a brilliant blossom offering herself in beauty in the world. I believe that through this sacred self reclaiming, all women have the ability to love themselves more than they ever imagined possible, to attract relationships and opportunities that truly honor them, and to abundantly prosper and thrive without compromise.



Benefits of This Sacred Work

Experience a deeper level of self love, authenticity, safety, and fulfillment than you ever imagined possible.

Become liberated from worrying what others think of you because you have come to accept yourself, your light and your darkness, at your absolute core.

Fully OWN your right to say no with authentic graciousness, and invest your time and energy into what actually lights you up.

Improve the quality of ALL of your relationships through embracing your own shadows and knowing what not to take personally.

Call in more aligned friendships, opportunities, and romance by holding yourself in a much higher state of self worth than ever before.

Stop playing small and expand into your greatness by no longer being afraid of your own power.

Choose freely with assuredness and sovereignty by transmuting the energies that have undermined and confused you for lifetimes.

Liberate yourself from self doubt by trusting in your deepest inner truth and intuition, and being willing to make mistakes, learn, grow, and evolve.

Let go of what may be limiting your evolution so you can make quantum leaps in living in much greater alignment with your heart’s deepest desires.

Heal back in time and into the future, through your ancestral lines, your mother, your grandmothers, your sisters, your brothers, your past present and future lovers, your children, and this whole world, through loving your own heart first.

Become an essential part of a revolutionary movement of women rebirthing themselves through the POWER of their own LOVE.

Realize true freedom and become a presence that sets others free simply through your willingness to be who you are.


“I've always thought that anything ‘online’ would fall short of the in-person experience but in this case, I felt so deeply connected to the content, community and my personal growth. The potency is insane. At first I was scared for it to end because it carried me through so many life transitions, but then I realized there is so much to this course that you’ve created and it’s insanely rich, I can actually take this tool and utilize it for the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Sonja A, Pilates Instructor


“Whole Woman is everything I didn't know I was longing for. This course made its debut at a time in my life when I made a decision to listen to my heart more than I listen to my head. I did just that by signing up for the course, and like any other time I've followed my heart, I have not once regretted it! The truth is, if you've never paid any attention to the sweet, feminine, soft, goddess-like, loving part of yourself, you may not even know what you're missing out on. What Camille has to offer with Whole Woman is HUGE if you feel out of control with any part of your femininity, from your emotions to your life's purpose. You will begin to awaken the goddess within you. All you have to do is listen with the most loving, tender awareness you didn't even know you had. Camille's amazing empathic abilities and wisdom will lead the way and be there for you through the journey.”

- Taylor B, Yoga Teacher


“I truly have a hard time expressing how much this experience touched and changed me. It taught me so much about myself, my past, repetitive disruptive patterns I couldn’t see or didn’t know how to deal with. It provided a safe loving and comfortable space to let go and explore. It became a kind of license to BE in ways I hadn’t let myself or known how to be before. The circle of women were so supportive and Camille has been a steady source of love, growth, wisdom and inspiration. I know all women no matter where they are in their journey would absolutely find this course to be such an eye opening and healing experience. I am forever grateful for Whole Woman.”

- Lina G, Writer and Business Analyst



your investment

Here’s to fully embracing how much we really are: the wild expression of love manifest through life.

We begin the journey together October 11th, 2019.
Early bird pricing until October 2nd!

Pay in Full

One single payment of $999
*$888 before October 2nd*

Payment Plan

Three monthly payments of $370
*$333 before October 2nd*

Frequently asked Questions

Q: What’s the time commitment?
A: Whole Woman is designed to be flexible with your schedule, and to support your life as it already is. This content intends to bring more clarity, depth, and purpose to everything that you do in your everyday life. Each week (9 weeks total) you’ll receive an audio contemplation that you can download and listen to offline when you’re driving in the car, taking a walk, cooking yourself dinner, or sitting outside in nature. The weekly meditation you can make into your morning practice and our daily embodiment rituals gift you the precious self care space that we all deserve. Every week we have a live group call, which will be shared and recorded so you can always revisit if you can’t attend. It’s important to note that you needn’t do it all perfectly to get results, often just by making the energetic commitment opens a container where magic can unfold. You are welcome to show up as you are and do as little or as much feels supportive.

Q: When are the live group calls?
A: Our live calls will take place on Saturdays (at the end of each week) at 10am PST (LA), 1pm EST (NY), 7pm CET (Paris). This time slot is subject to change depending on the time zones of those who register, to best accommodate the whole group, and may vary to allow space for everyone to join at least some of the calls. All of our calls will be recorded so you have the option to watch later in case you can’t join live, and you can ask questions in advance to make sure that they are answered on call. Our schedule will also include a mid-way integration week where you can take sacred pause.

Q: Do I have unlimited access to materials after the course ends?
A: YES! Materials are delivered to you by email, so you have access forever and can also download to your devices if you like (I personally use Dropbox for my storage).

Q: Will you offer Whole Woman in the future?
A: As of now, this is the only time we have Whole Woman on the calendar. If you are feeling called, I recommend signing up now.

Q: When is the sign up deadline?
A: Last day to sign up is October 5th, 2019. I recommend signing up ASAP to give yourself more time and energetic space to prepare for our deep dive, connect with our tribe of women in the Facebook group, and create space in your schedule. As soon as you register you will receive our Welcome Guide and access to our FB group to help you prepare.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: All payments are nonrefundable.