We Are the Women Birthing Our World Back to Love

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Welcome to Earth daughters

We are a sacred sisterhood of women devoted to awakening through the gloriously heartbreaking, wildly unpredictable, magically shattering dance of life. Our highest intention is to know all things as Love, beginning with ourselves.

Consider this a space where you can arrive as you are, perfectly broken, a stunning mess, the unique spark of creation that Goddess birthed you to be. We celebrate you and all of life.


About Our Founder

Aloha beautiful, my name is Camille and I created Earth Daughters as an answer to my own deepest longing.

In 2018 I was living my dream life, in a small beach town in Costa Rica, traveling all over the world, writing a blog read by millions of people, and guiding women’s empowerment retreats. But slowly and also suddenly, it wasn’t my dream anymore. The dark goddess came knocking at my doorstep and required me to die to everything I had ever loved to discover the source of love itself. This journey brought me to my absolute knees and into the roots of my greatest suffering. And it simultaneously rebirthed me through the portal of darkness into the most profound light where all that existed was love. But that wasn’t the end… it was just the beginning.

Since then, my journey has been one of remembering my own wholeness through my deepest wound of separation. Remembering the wise ancient voice of my own soul, the beat of my own heart as the same as the heartbeat of the Earth, and the love that exists within all things that can never, ever die.

I created this space as a sanctuary for women who also came here to remember. To remember their human body and this earth body as the truest treasures to be received. To remember their inherent worthiness in enjoying the sweetness of the world. To realize the twin flame who has always been waiting within our very own flesh. To become the creators of the paradise we have each uniquely longed for. To delight in the magic of this mysterious existence. To dance the preciousness of life.

This is the love we all deserve.

Shall We begin?

If you feel a resonance with our expression, we are honored to invite you deeper into this mysterious dance with us. Here are our offerings…


Get Intimate With the Goddess

Sign up to receive this FREE nine day self-love journey into the heart of the Divine Feminine. Each day we will email you a powerful contemplation and juicy embodiment practice to come home to your magically intelligent feminine body and remember your infinite connection with all that is.


Dive into Our Treasure Chest

Sharing our stories, our learnings, and our healing is one of the most powerful ways we can validate, inspire, and uplift one another. Enjoy our treasure trove of free articles intending to do exactly that.


Initiate Yourself in Whole Woman

In our nine week online self love immersion, we dive deep into the key archetypes of a woman (body, daughter, sister, lover, mother, queen, priestess, wise woman, soul) as gateways to weaving all parts of ourselves whole. This is a POWERFUL opportunity to dramatically up-level every aspect of your life.


Join a Soul Retreat in Magical Paradise

Within our powerful circle of Love, we gather at some of the most energetically activated (and stunningly beautiful) places on the planet, to tap into the source of the Goddess herself, dance through her stories, and awaken through our magical incredible bodies.