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Love Siren

A Once in a Lifetime Sacred Soul Journey
to Reclaim the Goddess Within You.

July 18 to 25, 2020
On the Mystical Island of Ithaka, Greece

Dearest Sister,

We welcome you with open arms and joyful hearts to join us on this mystical, magical, sacred journey of the soul. We invite you to return to the throne of your true power, to embody your soul essence, to remember all the way into the depths of your bones who you really are and why you really came here. To rediscover the whole full bodied Priestess of Love that is your sacred destiny.

For seven days and seven nights we gather together on the mythical land of Greece to embody The Great Goddess in her many expressions and forms. We dance, we sing, we sweat, we cry, we laugh, we howl, we open to our ecstatic blissful birthright to be totally alive.

If you feel a “yes” calling out from the depths of your soul, we invite you to answer this longing of your heart and join us on this sacred pilgrimage and soulful rite of passage to the birthplace of the Goddess herself.


“To call Love Siren a retreat is the understatement of the year. It is a homecoming, a community, a deeper knowing. It has the ability to bring all of the fragmented pieces of you back into wholeness. It is a week to lose time and space and remember the true essence of your being. It will help you find love for the forgotten, dismissed, and ostracized parts of yourself. The whole experience is a living testament to the fact that our darkness holds our greatest gifts."

- Amanda B, Dance Performer and Women's Circle Guide


Our Sacred Soul Journey

Who is the Goddess and what is her greatest dream for you? What is the greatest dream that lives inside of you as a tiny seed of light you came here to fan with the flames of your love?

During our week together we will live, breathe, dance, speak, shake, stomp, scream, sing, and source this question within our flesh and bones. We create a magical portal that opens us beyond time and space, into what the ancient Greeks called kairos time or divine time. Where past, present, and future all merge as one and we have direct access to healing our deepest wounds and realizing our highest light.

Each day we journey with a different face of The Goddess to realize her story as our own. To unpeel the layers of delusion that we’ve acquired through our conditioning and to come home to the soul truth that has always been our birthright. We explore through profoundly awakening transcendental dance meditations, rebirthing breathwork, sensual feminine yoga, womb healings, women’s sharing circles, Earth wisdom ceremonies, and truly so much more.

All week you will be held with the deepest unconditional love, where all parts of you are welcome to be felt, seen, expressed, and integrated. This is truly so much more than a retreat. It is an investment in your lifetime path as a sacred woman, who has come to know her full power to feel, embody, speak, create, share, and receive Love.

Goddess Guides


Mother Earth and her radiant, total, fierce, powerful, glorious presence. We call upon Her reflection to be all of who we are with more courage and to receive the great abundance of this life.


Virgin goddess of the Moon, the artful huntress and divine guide for self reclamation. We call upon Her reflection to welcome home any parts of ourselves we may have abandoned, denied or given away to another.

Persephone - Demeter - Hecate

Maiden, Mother, Crone, the faces of the triple goddess with their own gateways into our deaths and rebirths. We call upon Her reflection to bring clarity and healing to the underworld journeys we all take in this lifetime and emerge with even more light.

Athena - Medusa

Goddesses of wise discernment with magical keys for healing through trauma, abuse, dishonor, and reclaiming our sacredness. We call upon Her reflection to become fiercely loyal to the truth and calling within.

Aphrodite - Psyche

Goddesses of beauty, sensuality, and relationships to guide us on the path of loving our whole selves and merging with another. We call upon Her reflection to birth joy back into our lives and treasure the sweetness of our humanity.

The Morae

The weavers of fate inviting us deeper into the great mystery of our existence and our path in this lifetime and beyond. We call upon Her reflection to claim our abilities as oracles, to discover greater threads within our sacred path.


What’s Included


7 nights accommodation

in our stunningly beautiful, luxurious Greek villa and elegant yurts built into the hills with views of the Ionian sea.

Local Organic Meals

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided by our personal chef, made with love from local, organic ingredients on the island.


Embodiment Journeys

We go deep to seek our truth and liberate our essence. Each day we explore transcendental dance, sensual yoga, breathwork, feminine embodiment rituals, and deep intimacy with your flesh and bones. Women describe our practices as nothing short of mind blowing.


Women’s Circles

Each day we will come together in sacred sisterhood, in circle as women have done for eons, to share our hearts, songs, and our wisdom with one another. This is a very heart opening time to connect with your womanhood through the reflections of one another and shift energy in big ways.


Goddess Wisdom

We journey with the many faces of The Goddesses of Greece throughout our week, offering you an opening to directly commune with Her and receive her wisdom and integrate her power in your life. This is a lifetime journey and relationship to nurture that brings tremendous blessings into your reality.


Playtime in magical mystical nature

Free time to explore the island, float in the pristine sea with your mermaid sisters, and enjoy your glorious precious life.


Your seat in Our Sacred Sisterhood

This is a space where you can truly be yourself and fall in love with the women opening their hearts right beside you. Our highest intention is to support one another in birthing more love into the world. Everything we do is for Love.

We come together first and foremost in devotion to our priestess practices. If you sign up, please intend to attend to all of our embodiment sessions and ceremonies with a willingness to dive in, ride the waves of emotions, and offer presence to discomfort. Your devotion to showing up in this way offers a ripple of healing into our sisterhood and far beyond what we experience together this week.



 “I thought I started my self growth journey in 2014 but that was surface child's play compared to a retreat with Camille. I had my mind blown, emotions unleashed, soul awakened, heart expanded and body enriched. I have never created such sacred bonds of sisterhood, selfhood or with nature. Every day was filled with mystery, magic and revelation. If you feel like a fire has burned out, dwindled or perhaps is waiting to be lit inside of you, this is the spark you need to ignite. Prepare to shine like you've never shined in your life.”

Alessandra, Healer

“I felt before I came it would be a life changing experience. But....omg .... I had no idea the depth of what I would experience and how much it would empower inspire and take me to another level within myself. I have tapped into the best part of me! It’s just beginning and I’m so excited to go from here and see where it leads me.”

Sandi W, Entrepreneur

“Camille’s Love Siren retreat is pure magic! It’s a chance to connect deeply in sisterhood and to commune with Mother Nature in absolutely spectacular settings. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful opportunity to offer ourselves the TLC we all deserve. I came home to myself in a profoundly spiritual way. Greece is so vibrant with the energy of the Goddesses! It was perfection!”

Gabrielle C., Painter and Counselor

“Even though I've been practicing yoga for years, I've never felt this level of connection. Through the embodiment practices, I tapped into more expansiveness and sensation in my body than ever before. The dance meditation, the music, and the prompts helped me go so deep into my body and into my psyche to flush out stored memories and trauma. I let go of so much stagnant and stuck energy and feel like I've come out of the retreat rebirthed- fresh and new. Throughout the week, I was reminded of our divinity, our sacredness, the sacredness of everything, and our connection to everything. I felt like I had really embodied the Priestess- fully human and fully divine.”

Mona Luna, Yoga Teacher and Women’s Circle Creatrix

This retreat was one of the most healing and transformational experiences of my life. I showed up emotionally tender, exhausted, and heartbroken. Camille created such a safe space and provided just the tools I needed to reconnect with myself and dive deeper into my healing journey. With the love and support from all the women there, I was able to face aspects of myself that I did't have the strength to do alone. And have a lot of fun doing it! We laughed, we cried, we played, we roared! This retreat was a gift I will cherish forever.

Alexandra C., Energy Healer

About Your Facilitator


Aloha love, I’m Camille and I’ll be creating and guiding our week together. My life’s work is to support women in living more fully in love with their bodies, one another, our Mother Earth, and the paradoxical dance of life. Every part of you is sacred and I believe that with my whole entire heart.

My healing has come through inventing new ways of connecting with the body that expand beyond any limits or labels, by receiving the many reflections of The Great Goddess as my own, and through remembering the sacred ways of woman that my ancestors knew well. This is how I learn, so this is how I teach. On retreat I weave together various modalities to support you in remembering your wisdom, your innocence, your beauty, your truth.

I’m a certified yoga teacher, dance meditation facilitator, breathwork facilitator, Hawaiian lomi lomi practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and I have studied tantra, womb shamanism, priestess rituals, Goddess herstory, cacao ceremony, compassionate listening, Gene Keys and Human Design, and much more. Learn more about my facilitation style and training here.


 Get Ready for

In a world where so many have forgotten the essential gift of magic, we are here to remember it back to life. Our stunning environment reminds us of the magic of the natural world, and our sacred practices remind us of the magic within us. Magic is essential for bliss.

This is the real deal. Our practices, circles, and environment support you in letting go of your masks so you can become the full expression of who you really are. Liberation!

We stay in a gorgeous sanctuary, we swim in crystal clear turquoise water, we nourish ourselves with the most vibrant healthy food, and we pour our entire heart and souls into every moment. So much intention, love, and energy goes into the creation of this retreat, to luxuriate you with the absolute best of the best, because this is what you deserve!

We know that tenderness is the great secret to opening the heart, and softly melt ourselves and one another in this pillowy bubble of love. Expect deep heart sharing, family dinners beside the bonfire, snuggles on the sofa, and so much warmth and connection.

We are here not only to grow, but to ENJOY! To CELEBRATE this divine gift of being human and alive! We infuse our days with lots of childlike joy to remember the essence of who we truly are. Mermaiding in the sea, dancing and singing for the pleasure of it, moving in ways that feel good, treasuring ourselves, living like Goddesses.

We go deep. Within ourselves and with one another. You can expect to touch places inside of yourself that you have never touched before, with the most magnificently loving glowing self illuminating healing. Expect profound rebirth on a soul level, to unearth core wounds and access the truth of your divinity.

Expect a quantum leap in self growth and perception of what’s possible for you. No words, you simply have to experience it.

Ultimately, we do what we do for love. Our highest intention is to bring more love into the world by creating a week that reminds us all how much love we deserve. We begin with ourselves, we expand into one another, we grow into our sacred circle, and we anchor this love within us to birth it more fully here on Earth.


Reserve Your Space 

Please arrive with an open heart, a willing mind, an able body, and a devotion to attend all of our practices to honor the sacredness that we are co-creating together.

Price includes transportation to our retreat center from the airport in Kefalonia, 7 nights accommodation, all meals, all daily practices, our powerful magical healing circle, and access to our private Facebook group for pre and post retreat connection. (Does not include flights.)


Old Library - Private

$3850 (single room just for you Queen)

Large, spacious private room for the woman who wants to treat herself to the absolute best of the best. Includes an ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, private dressing room, and a large private terrace overlooking the Ionian sea.


Raas - Private

$3650 (single room just for you Queen)

Raas is on the ground floor and is the only bedroom on the left hand side of the house. Includes ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, and verandah and with cushioned sun bed with never ending views of the Ionian sea.


India - Shared

$3250 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

Large, spacious bedroom with two twin beds at the end of the first floor corridor. Includes ensuite bathroom with bath tub, air conditioning, large private balcony, and views of the Ionian sea.


White - Shared Twin

$3050 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

Twin bedroom on the ground floor. Includes ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, a balcony with sunbed, and views of the Ionian sea and the hills of Kefalonia.


Mango - Shared Twin

$3050 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

Twin bedroom at the end of the first floor corridor. Includes ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, a balcony with sunbed, and views of the Ionian sea and the hills of Kefalonia.


New York - Shared Twin

$3050 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

Twin bedroom on the ground floor. Includes ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, a balcony with sunbed, and views of the Ionian sea and the hills of Kefalonia.

Amara Yurt - Shared Twin

$2950 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

A path through a small wild oak forrest takes you to a peaceful, comfortable and spacious yurt. The indoor bathroom with a shower and two wash bowls is semi open planned. It also has an outdoor seating area with amazing sunset views.

Metta Yurt - Shared Twin

$2950 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

A path through a small wild oak forrest takes you to a peaceful, comfortable and spacious yurt. This is the largest of all of the yurts and also the most shaded. The indoor bathroom with a shower and two wash bowls is semi open planned.


Mongolian Yurt - Shared Twin

$2850 (per person - you’ll be paired with another sister in our group)

This traditional Mongolian yurt is the nearest one to the outdoor living area, with a removable roof cap built for star gazing. The indoor bathroom with a shower and two wash bowls is semi open planned.

Write to me if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you in Greece!!!